I've read an awful lot of forum threads were people argued ad nauseam about which way is the correct way for the thread to rotate around the bowstring. I find most of them rather entertaining as people try to explain their position in text form. The ultimate result is most of the readers are totally confused and I expect some of the authors would be too if they went back and re-read what they wrote. Anyway not to be outdone I thought I would throw my hat into the ring and undoubtedly I will also come out a bit soiled. I however, will be using photos and hopefully I can clear up some of the lingo and confusion.

straight view of String Jig

In this photo I illustrating the orientation of the Jig. Through out this article I will refer to the two ends of the jig as either north or south. In all cases I will be standing on the east side of the Jig. This string is twisted in a counter clock wise rotation. See the illustrations below for clarification there.

Soth View rotation.     .View from North

In these two photos you can see that viewing the string from the south end you would rotate it clockwise to add more twists. While viewing from the north end you would also rotate it clockwise to add twists. Consequently we call this a clockwise twist. OK Glad you got that because things are about to get a bit more complicated.  From this point forward I will refer to the bobbin rotation as viewed from the North end.

Now don't let me misrepresent at this point I don't know which is the correct direction to wrap the serving but I hope together we can get to the bottom of this.

One of the things that seems to confuse the issue is the direction that your bobbin is traveling when laying down the thread. So lets look at that, now it seems to me that when wrapping South to North clockwise is the exact same as wrapping North to South counter clockwise. (Remember I am describing rotation always while viewing from the north end of the jig)  I hope you agree with this, look closely and confirm if I'm right. Hold your hand up so you can't see the ends of the serving and I expect you will agree they are in fact identical.  So lets refer to this as Example as (A)

(A1) Wrapping North bound with a clockwise rotation

(A2) Wrapping south bound with a counter clockwise rotation


OK So now lets look at the other direction Which we will refer to as Example (B) in this case we are wrapping South to North counter clockwise and North to South clockwise.

(B1) Wrapping Northbound with a counter clockwise rotation

(B2) Wrapping Southbound with a clockwise rotation


Now of course there are yet two other options to consider. (C) the bobbin should rotate in a clockwise rotation no matter what direction your bobbin is moving or (D) Always counter clockwise despite the direction. Of course these 2 options do not lay down a consistent thread pattern.

OK, Now which one do you think is right?

(A),(B),(C),(D), or

(E) Don't get too wrapped around the Axle it doesn't matter?

Give your answer on the poll located just below the menu on the left hand side of the web page. No fair looking at the answer before you vote.

Based on the results of this survey I will do some examples and explain why one direction may be better than the other.  Thanks for your input.