What makes the Beiter work so well

A lot of people ask is the cost of the Beiter worth it?

In a word, usually the answer is YES. Let’s go through the design of the bobbin and discuss what makes it work so well. At first glance it doesn't look all that remarkable, but each little detail serves a very important purpose and they all add up to superior tension control and really consistent wraps.

1) This is the biggest detail that as far as I know no one else has, the roller that the thread initially bends over is barrel shaped this causes the thread to pay out at a much shallower angle from the spool. A shallow angle keeps the thread from "jumping" over other serving wraps that are on the spool this makes the thread pay out really smoothly. Far smoother than other bobbins. Unfortunately this roller is now plastic it used to be stainless steel.

2) A Heavier mass allows the item to retain momentum as it is rotated over the thread and that momentum helps overcome any inconsistencies in tension and allows the bobbin to continue to spin. This is more important for folks who wrap their serving by hand but even the automated servers like the NWSpinner benefit from the additional mass.

3) If you look close at the adapter washers that the Beiter uses they taper down to a small interface where the two halves meet. This really small surface area makes any inconsistencies in the spool minimized and the small surface area gives you a more consistent friction quotient.

4) The v-groves at the top are only on the outside of the bobbin so the bobbin registers to the string primarily on those two surfaces. Because of this minimal contact any inconsistencies in the string tend not to deflect the bobbin as much. Again making the spin and payout much smoother.

All these little details add up to a very consistent tension and pay out. Pretty much anyone who has compared the Beiter to one of its cheaper competitors ultimately chooses the Beiter as the superior tool. So… is the additional cost worth the better performance? Most people unequivocally say yes!