Important Bow Tuning Information

Tuning your archery equipment requires you to have a base of knowledge about how an arrow reacts as it leaves the bow. Read the following sources and you'll have all the info you need to tune your bow with the proper bow and arrow combination.

First learn all about arrows at the carbon university. This is a series of articles located on the hunters friend website, it's the most comprehensive and well written source to describe nearly every aspect of arrow technology. In most cases it's more info than you will need but knowledge is power, especially when tuning.

The second and equally important document is the Easton's Arrow tuning guide. This is a relatively simple step by step process to help guide you through adjusting your setup to achieve the best arrow flight. Easton recently updated their website and it can be a challenge to find I saved a copy on this site and a link to the Easton site:

Easton's Tuning guide.

Here is the link to the Easton Archery website