How Jig Flex Affects Build Quality

It wasn't long into my string building experience that I started to recognize that I simply could not get consistency in my strands. no matter what I did I would see that the first wraps were always looser than the last wraps. As a new builder I wasn't even aware how important strand tension was. If you have inconsistencies in your strand tension you'll have one ugly looking string. You'll get radical peep rotation in your strings. You'll have a rope like appearance and over the long run those strands which are tighter will be carrying the majority of the load. Those tight strands will undoubtedly fail quicker than if all the strands carried the same load. After a lot of trial and error and frustration I've come to the conclusion that this problem is directly contributed to the flex in your string jig. Now you can do all sorts of tricks to normalize the strands after laying it out but having a strong flex free jig will make it a whole lot easier to get consistency in the strands to start with. I've built my string jig so that it is so beefy that there is nearly zero flex under the normal build process. Below is a video describing and showing you how flex adversely affects the stand consistency.