There are no good shortcuts

There are no good shortcuts
A very disappointed target archer sat in the back of the bar blubbering into his beer. He grumbled about his lack of success and how he needed to make a change to improve his performance at tournaments. A young wizard overheard the complaints and sidled up to the Archer. He explained that in order to become a recognized certified wizard he needed to solve a real world problem with his magic. He offered to help the archer at no financial cost. Desperate to improve his standing in the archery community the target archer accepted with zeal. The wizard handed him a large container of magical salve that he insisted would help. He said by simply rubbing some of this
on each arm at the beginning of the tournament that he would become incredibly lucky and each shot would be sure to find it’s mark. He explained that the liniment would initially feel really cold almost to the point where his arms would appear frozen but that would pass and the luck would take hold. It seemed too good to be true but the archer realized that there didn’t seem to be any real draw-backs so he agreed to give it a whirl. Almost as an afterthought the young wizard stopped and looked back to explain that there was in fact a significant issue with the magical ointment. He cautioned it was very important that the archer steer clear of any forested areas. The young wizard admitted that in his adolescence he had been messing around with some spells and that he had done some stupid and irresponsible magic. Not
wanting to elaborate he simply said please stay out of the forest.

The years went by and the Target archer became famous winning tournament after tournament. As the trophy’s piled up he started to become bored with the winning. He had totally forgotten about the wizards warning. It was at this point that the experienced target archer decided that he was going to finally take up bowhunting. He and his friends picked a wonderful spot out on the Peninsula to try their hand at elk hunting. Several days passed without issue. No one had taken an elk and the archer had no ill effects to being in the woods. He had rubbed the ointment on his arms wanting to ensure that if an elk did present a shot that he wouldn’t miss. On the evening of the fourth day, while resting in the tent, the archer heard this terrible growl. Startled by the sound he began to sit up just as this huge bear reached into the tent and yanked him out. Within a fraction of a second the bear had yanked both of his arms clean off his body. The old archer gawked at the bear as it gobbled down the flesh from his arms and tossed the picked cleaned bones aside. The bear sat up rubbed his tummy and said rather unceremoniously “wow that was fantastic”! The archer couldn’t believe what had just happened. His arms had been torn off and eaten by a talking bear. He shook his head in disbelief and stuttered, “you you you can talk”. The bear said “yes of course” he had met a young wizard some years ago that he had cast a spell giving him the ability to speak. The archer beset with anger yelled “why did you eat my arms”. The Bear snorted and smiled and said “I don’t understand why you are so angry - you were warned”. The archer red faced and furious screamed “what are you talking about?” The bear smiled again as he stood up on his hind quarters. He began to dance around and with a strong Irish accent sang “Frosted lucky arms they’re magically delicious”!

So the next time you think you are going to gain fame and fortune in your hunting career using shortcuts I suggest you head the story above. It is much better to become a knowledgeable and experienced bowhunter and what better way than to take a bowhunter education course. Check the WDFW website for dates and times for a course near you.