The NW Spinner is a simple cost effective way to automate applying bow string servings


The NW Spinner is an inexpensive motorized serving tool that will speed you through the application of bow string servings and lay down the serving tighter and more consistent than you likely though possible! Using your own 1400 rpm electric drill a 10" length of serving can be put on tight and clean in less than a min and half. Compare that to the time it takes you to flip that silly bobbin around the string again and again and again... Not to mention the cramps and pain you get from that repetitive motion.

The best part of all, the NW Spinner works with your existing serving bobbin. (BearPaw, Beiter, cartel) So you simply buy the model that matches your bobbin and get to work. Even if you only occasionally make strings you'll find this tool to be a welcome addition to your string making arsenal.

Check it out in action